Take your UNREAL Mobile number to another service provider

For customers using our Premium cellular voice service

Contact UNREAL Mobile customer service to request your phone number transfer details, including your account number and PIN (also known as Account Password, in regards to phone number transfers).

Click here to see each method of contacting us, including phone, email and chat. We're available 7 days a week. 


Your Port Out Status

When you request your port out information, the status will be "GENERATED".

Once the port out is received and accepted, the status will reflect "PROCESSING" until it completes.

If the information you submit to your new carrier is rejected, your status will reflect "REJECTED".

If your status never changes, make sure to refresh the porting out the information page. Simply click the refresh button on your browser.


My port is not working

Having problems with your porting request? Click here for assistance.