Placing your first phone call using an UNREAL Mobile device (VoIP Plans)

This information applies to our new, Premium SIM cards

The first phone call you make is important to the setup process. It allows incoming and outgoing calls to work properly. 

When you first make a call, make sure to dial a number that is not running on VoIP technology (Google Voice, Hangouts, Magic Jack and WhatsApp numbers are all using VoIP). You'll need to call a standard cellular or landline phone number based within the U.S.

International calling requires you to dial 1 first, you can make international phone calls after the setup process. 

You may also need to send or receive a text message to get texting services started. Make sure you are not texting a VoIP number. 


Having trouble with phone calls?

Please note, the UNREAL Mobile application is not needed with this SIM card and may, in fact, prevent your phone from working properly.

If you’re still having trouble receiving calls on your GSMA phone, consider the following: 

Step 1 - Did you activate your SIM card after you received it in the mail? This step is important. Visit and complete the steps you see on the screen. Remember, if you decide to transfer over a phone number you must wait until the transfer is finished before you try to use your service.

Step 2 - Has the SIM been properly inserted into the phone? Each phone has a different way of doing things. Consult your phone’s user guide to be sure you have properly inserted the SIM card into the device. 

Step 3 - Have you placed the first phone call? As mentioned above, the first phone call you make is very important. Your service won’t start working until this step is completed. Make sure to call a U.S. based cellular or landline number. Do not call a VoIP number. 

Step 4 - Give the phone time to receive a connection from the network. Turn your phone off, wait 10 seconds, and then turn it on again. Once on, wait 10 minutes before trying to make a phone call. 

Still having trouble? A representative can help. Visit to get in touch with us. 


This information applies to our older, Standard SIM cards

Download the UNREAL Mobile application to make and receive calls and text messages. This app is compatible with Android and iOS phones. It is not compatible with Windows or Blackberry devices. When you first download the application, you'll want to synchronize the app with your phone. Click here to learn how. 


Having trouble with phone calls?

Are you still having trouble with phon calls? Consider the following: 

Step 1 - Do you have coverage in your area? Check to see if we cover your area. 

Step 2 - Is your account in good standing? Log in to and check for any error messages. If there is an account problem, you'll see an error message at the top of the page. 

Step 3 - Have APN network settings been configured? Your phone runs on VoIP technology, which means it needs an internet connection to work properly. Configuring APN (Access Point Name) settings gets your phone's internet connection up and running. Click here

Step 4 - Have you downloaded the UNREAL Mobile application? As mentioned above, downloading the UNREAL Mobile application is very important. You won't be able to make and receive phone calls without it. The app can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices. 

Step 5 - Make sure the UNREAL Mobile application has been granted all of the permissions that it needs. Open your phone, Settings. 

On Android phones look for the Applications or Apps button. Then, from the list of applications installed onto your phone, tap on the UNREAL Mobile application. Tap on Permissions and make sure all of the requested permissions are enabled. 

On iPhones scroll down until you see the UNREAL Mobile application. Tap on it.  Allow UNREAL Mobile to access all requested permissions by toggling the selection button from OFF (grey) to ON (green).