WiFi tethering, blocked calls and other features (Voip Plans)

This content applies to both Premium cellular SIM cards and older, Standard SIMs. 


Blocked calls

You can prevent certain numbers from being able to call you or text you, by adding them to your "Blocked" list.


Steps for Android

You can only block a phone number if that number is saved to your contact list. If there is a number you'd like to block, save it to contacts first. Click here to learn more about contacts.

You can block incoming calls from certain phone numbers, by going to the Settings section of your UNREAL Mobile application. Tap on Blocked Numbers, and then tap the plus sign to add a new number to your 'blocked' list.

If someone attempts to call you from a number that you have blocked, the caller will hear a message that says "We're sorry, our service is unavailable...". You can unblock a phone number at any time.


Steps for iPhone

You can block incoming calls from contacts or phone numbers that have called you.

To block a phone number that has called you or sent you a text message, go to the Recent Calls section of your Phone app (if you received a call) or the text message thread in your Messaging application, and tap the information icon next to the call entry.

The information icon next to a recent callThe information icon next to a text message

From here, tap on Block This Caller. This will add the phone number to your "blocked" list and prevent them from being able to call or text you. After tapping, "Block This Caller" you will see the option "Unblock This Caller". Tapping on "Unblock This Caller" will remove them from your "blocked" list.

Tap on Block This Caller

To block numbers that have never called or texted you, you must first add the number as a Contact. Go to the Contacts application and tap on the plus (+) sign in the top right corner of the screen. Create a name for the number and save the information. Then, go to Settings > then Phone > then Call Blocking & Identification. Tap on Block Contact and select the contact you want to block.

Tap on PhoneTap on Call Blocking & Identification

To access your list of blocked numbers, or to unblock a phone number, go back to your Settings application, Tap Phone, then tap 'Call Blocking & Identification".


3-Way calling

3-way calling is unsupported at this time. Please stay tuned, this may change in the future.


Wi-Fi Tethering

The ability to use your phone as a wifi hotspot is currently unsupported. Please stay tuned, because this may change in the future.


Do Not Disturb

You can set your phone to Do Not Disturb mode and prevent incoming calls. It can be set to turn on automatically during certain times out of the day or you can turn it on and off as needed. This can be helpful if you have, for example, set working hours or school hours, and you don't want your phone to ring.


Steps for Android

These steps work for Android phones running at least operating system Marshmallow (6.0). To enable Do Not Disturb, tap on your phone's Settings app. Tap on Sounds and Notifications and then tap on the Do Not Disturb feature.

You can set the feature to begin and end at certain times (for example, Do Not Disturb will block all incoming notifications from the hours of 2 PM to 5 PM), and you can decide which notifications are blocked and which are allowed through.


Steps for iOS

To enable Do Not Disturb, go to your phone's Settings menu. On iPhone, you can scroll down and find Do Not Disturb. Tap on Scheduled, to set specific times. On Android, you'll likely find the option under Sounds & ringtones. Tap Automatic Rules to set specific times.