Where can I check my balances and refill my account?

For customers using our Premium cellular voice service 

Check Balances

You can check your account balances by logging into your online account at https://www.unrealmobile.com/my-lines. Click your phone line from the DashBoard to reveal account balances. 

You can also check your high-speed data account balance by texting Bal or Balance to 3888 directly from your phone.



Make A Payment

Your account is set up on a Recurring Subscription when you activate your service. This means that the payment method that is associated with your account will be charged on your "Next Payment" date automatically. This helps ensure you do not go without service. 

You do, however, have the option to manually renew your account. This requires you to remember your "Next Payment" date and risk the chance of being temporarily without service until you subscribe to a new plan. If you prefer this option, you must select "CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION"

To resume your subscription, select "SUBSCRIBE" note that your line's "Recurring Subscription Status" will reflect as CLOSED

Adding More High-Speed Data 

To add more highspeed data as needed, log into your account at https://www.unrealmobile.com/my-lines

 - Click on your phone line from the Dashboard.

 - Click on BUY MORE Scroll down and select ADD DATA


Then, click the appropriate "BUY NOW" button to add more highspeed data to your account.