What is Subscription Credit? (Voip Plans)

For customers using our Premium cellular voice SIM cards

Subscription credit is not support on Premium SIMs. 


For customers using our older, Standard SIM cards

How it works

Subscription credit can be applied to your account by an UNREAL Mobile representative. It can be used towards your talk, text, and data plan bill, or to cover the cost of any added services you sign up for.

When your monthly billing cycle rolls around, any subscription credit you have will be applied first. This is done automatically. After subscription credit is applied, your method of payment will be charged the difference. If you'd like to learn how payments work, click here.


How much Subscription Credit do I have?

You can see how much subscription credit is applied to your account, by logging in at my.unrealmobile.com and clicking on the Billing tab from the navigation bar at the top of the page.