Taxes and fees (Voip Plans)

This information applies to Premium SIMs

Why am I charged a Regulatory Recovery fee?

What kind of taxes will I incur?

UNREAL Mobile charges taxes and fees based on your location as determined by your address. These charges are government-regulated. You'll see a breakdown of your taxes and fees when you first complete checkout and on your order receipt.

To see order receipts, check your email or click the PAYMENT HISTORY button at


This information applies to older, Standard SIMs


Why am I charged an Administrative fee?

Administrative fees allow us to defray the costs related to fraud prevention, customer service, and payment processing. These charges allow us to continue providing free, and affordable, cellular service to customers around the world. Admin fees can vary, depending on the structure of your plan.

Why am I charged a Regulatory and Recovery fee?

Regulatory and Recovery fees are taxes, fees, and surcharges applied to your UNREAL Mobile services in accordance with federal, state, and local laws.

This fee may apply if you live in an area where regulatory taxes have been implemented, such as San Francisco or Indiana. These charges allow us to continue providing access to the mobile network and supporting service in your area.

If you have any additional questions regarding your bill or payments, please reach out to us. Click here to learn how to get in touch with an UNREAL Mobile representative.

How can I review these charges?

If you'd like to locate Recovery or Admin fees - or take a look at any other charges you have incurred - start by logging in to

Next, click on the Billing tab, and scroll down until you see your transaction history. Click the transaction number of the charge in question, to review fees.