MMS texting on UNREAL Mobile (VoIP Plans)

MMS texting is supported

MMS (multimedia messaging services), the ability to send or receive pictures and videos via text message, is supported on UNREAL Mobile. 

IMPORTANT: MMS texting capabilities will vary depending on the type of device you have. Some older phones may not support MMS texting. Check your manufacturer's user guide if you're having trouble with MMS texting. 


Special rules for MMS texting on iPhone

Make sure your iPhone is running iOS operating system 13.3 or better. The oldest devices that can accept the 13.3 iOS update are the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE phones. If you have a device older than the iPhone 6s, MMS texting will not work on your phone. Please click here to take a look at some of our affordable iPhone devices. Including the iPhone SE, starting at $399.

To update your phone's operating system, turn your phone on and then go to Settings. From there, tap on General, then Software Update. Tap Download and Install if you see an available update. 

IMPORTANT: MMS and iMessage are two different things! All iPhones support iMessage, Apple's proprietary texting service. You can send iMessages from any iOS device to any iOS device, regardless of the operating system. 


For customers using our Premium cellular voice SIM cards

How to send a multimedia message

To send an MMS message, simply open your phone's text message application and attach a photo or short video from your phone's library. Large video files may not process or send correctly. 

If you have one of our newer SIM cards, do not use the UNREAL Mobile application to send or receive MMS text messages. In fact, you must remove the UNREAL Mobile application from your phone, altogether. 


For customers using our older, Standard SIM cards

To send an MMS message, open your phone's UNREAL Mobile application and attach a photo or short video from your phone's gallery. Large video files may not process or send correctly.