How unlimited data works (Voip Plans)

This content applies to both Premium cellular SIM cards and older, Standard SIMs. 


Is it really unlimited?

Yes! Check out our available talk, text and data plans. Pick the one that works best for you. Remember, you can change your plan at any time!


This means you have unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and unlimited data. Select a plan based on the amount of high-speed data you need. After that allotment of high-speed LTE data, is used, your service will be throttled to slower, 2G, speeds.

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How does data work

Data is used by completing different activities on your device. This includes browsing the internet, checking email, downloading applications or accessing social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. Everything you do on your phone, that uses the internet, will come from your data plan allotment.

If you connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network, data usage from these activities will not come from your UNREAL Mobile plan. It will instead come from your Wi-Fi network and whatever plan your Wi-Fi router is on.

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