How to pay your bill & update your payment method

For customers using our Premium cellular voice service

Making a payment

If you signed up for a monthly, 3 month, 6 month, or 12-month plan, your account is on an automatic payment schedule.  The payments are deducted from the credit card or debit card provided upon activation. 

Note: You also have the option to change your  payment method at anytime.


If you did not enter any billing or payment information during activation (for example, your plan was pre-paid) you must renew your account when your billing cycle ends manually, by logging in at If you allow your billing cycle to end without payment, your service may lapse (Closed status) and your number may expire.

To renew your account manually

Step 1:  Log in at

Step 2: Select the phone line you'd like to submit payment for.


Step 4: Select "SUBSCRIBE".

Step 5: Complete Checkout.


Step 1:  Log in at

Step 2: Select the phone line you'd like to submit payment for.

Step 3: Click select BUY MORE to change your plan. 

Step 4: Select "PAY MY BILL".

Step 5: Complete checkout. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you want to upgrade your plan, you'll lose your remaining minutes, messages and LTE balances. Make sure to refill or upgrade your plan towards the end of your billing cycle. Enable Recurring Payments to avoid inconveniences. 


Updating Credit or Debit Card

To update the credit card or debit card account that is on your online UNREAL Mobile account, log into

Click on the line you'd like to manage, and then click on UPDATE CARD

NOTE: You may update your payment method on file at anytime. If you wish to have your next automatic payment to be on a different card, be sure to update your account to your new card prior to your next payment due.