How to manage your address book (contact list)

 For customers using our Premium cellular voice service


How to access your Contacts

Tap on the Contacts tab to search for a name in your address book.


How to add new Contacts

To add a new Contact, you will have to open the Contact application that comes with your phone, click the "+" sign and enter the contact's details. 


You can also add a new contact to your address book if: 

1) You have placed an outgoing call or sent a text message to the number in question, or

2) You have received a call or text message from the number in question. 

Tap the information icon next to your incoming calls (find this in the "recent calls" section. 

Then, select "Add to Contact List". 


Transferring Contacts from old phone to new phone

If you had a list of contacts on your last phone, you can transfer those contacts over to your new phone in a couple of ways:

Option 1 Connect your new phone with the Google (Android phones) or iTunes (iPhones) account that was associated with your old device.


Option 2 Use a transfer information application, like My Contacts, to move all of your information from your old phone to your new phone.

To connect your new phone with the Google or iTunes account, that previously held all of your contact information, complete the following steps:


Step 1: Click on Settings

Step 2: Click on Accounts

Step 3: Select the type of account that applies (Google or iTunes)

Step 4: Enter the username and password for that Google or iTunes account

Step 5: When prompted, confirm that you would like to synchronize contacts