How to get an UNREAL Mobile phone number


For customers using our Premium cellular voice service 

Getting a new UNREAL Mobile phone number

If you instead, wish to get a new UNREAL Mobile phone number:

Step 1 - Select Activate

Step 2 - Select "Code" or "Sim Card" and enter the Confirmation Code or Sim Card Number

esim activation 1

 Step 3 - Select "Get New One"

Important: The Service Zip Code you enter will be used to generate your area code and your new phone number. 

esim activation - get new number

Step 4 - Check the "Terms & Conditions" and Select "Complete Activation"


If you experience any issues or error messages, please get in contact with our support team.

Please Note: If you decide to get a new number, you cannot transfer one over later on. Any phone number transfer you plan to make must be completed during activation.

You will be provided with a new number based on your Service Zip Code.