How SIM cards work (Voip Plans)

This information applies to Standard SIMs.

What’s a SIM card?

A SIM card is a small, flat, plastic card that transmits signals and information from telecom carriers (phone companies, like UNREAL Mobile to communication devices (phones, tablets, and mobile hotspots).

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module and SIM cards typically, but not exclusively, contains the following information:

  • A phone number
  • Contact lists
  • Network authorization data
  • Calling history
  • Text messages

When you buy a SIM card from UNREAL Mobile, and insert that SIM card into a compatible phone, UNREAL Mobile can supply your phone with an internet connection and cellular (calling and texting) services. SIM cards can only transmit signals to phones that are open to read and receive those signals.

Locked phones (phones that are set to work only with certain carriers, like T-Mobile or Verizon) cannot read the information on our SIM cards. So it's important the phone you're using is unlocked

Note: With our newer, Premium service, if you have a phone that is compatible with the eSIM and AT&T, or T-Mobile network, it may work with our newer SIM. Please visit to see our available talk, text and data plans. Purchases from come with a free Premium eSIM. 


Compatible phones

Our talk, text, and data SIM cards work with GSM unlocked, Android, and iOS smartphone devices. 

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