How do I reset my online account password? (VoIP Plans)

This information applies to our Premium SIM cards

Resetting your account password is easy

We all forget account passwords sometimes, so we make it easy for you to regain access to your account quickly and securely. At click on the small "Need help signing in?" link, and follow the steps for password recovery.



You'll need to confirm your email address, and then the password reset link will be sent to you by email. If you have trouble receiving the password reset email, check your Spam folder or open the page in a private browser window and try the process again. 


Make sure you have an account

Make sure you have an online UNREAL Mobile account! You must have registered for an online account by clicking the Register button when you placed an order, or when you activated your SIM card.

If you purchased an UNREAL Mobile product, but you never signed up for an online account, visit and click on Register to create your account. 


Having trouble?

Get in touch with an UNREAL Mobile agent for help resetting your password. Visit  


This information applies to our older, Standard SIMs

Visit and click on the red "Forgot Password?" button. You'll receive an email with the option to reset your password. Screen_Shot_2020-10-14_at_5.35.55_PM.png


If you don't see it, check your SPAM folder!

If you are still unable to find it, and you're using GMAIL, please check PROMOTIONS folder as well.