Does UNREAL Mobile offer Visual Voicemail services?

This information applies to Premium SIMs

Visual Voicemail on iPhones

Yes! UNREAL Mobile offers visual voicemail (VVM) on our GSM network. 

For iPhones, this feature is automatically added to your account. Visual voicemail can be accessed on your phone by tapping on the dialer (calling application). Inside of the calling application, there is a section (to the far right) that is specifically for voicemail.  


On Android phones

Visual Voicemail needs to be added to your account. Please get in touch with an UNREAL Mobile agent to have it enabled. We're available 7 days a week! Visit


After Visual Voicemail is added

Reset your device. Turn your phone off, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on. Visual voicemail can be accessed on your phone by tapping on the calling application. There is usually a separate section within this app, specifically for voicemail messages.  

NOTE: If your account is suspended due to non-pay, you will need to resolve the outstanding billing issue first. 


NOTE: The UNREAL Mobile application is no longer required for calling, for texting or Voicemail services. Please remove the UNREAL Mobile application from your phone. Make sure to save any voicemail, calling and texting records you need before deleting the application. Click here for help uninstalling your application. 


If you are unable to take advantage of visual voicemail, you can still hear and manage your voicemail messages by dialing (and holding) the number 1 on your phone. Click here for help with traditional voicemail service.  


This information applies to older, Standard SIMs

Visual Voicemail (accessing your voicemail messages using an application interface) is supported on UNREAL Mobile Standard SIMs. Check, hear and manage your voicemail messages within the UNREAL Mobile application. Download the UNREAL Mobile application on Android or iPhone and log in with your UNREAL Mobile credentials.