Cancel automatic payment

For customers using our Premium cellular voice service

When you first sign up for an UNREAL Mobile account, your account will be placed on an automatic payment status. If you'd prefer to log in and make your payments manually, you'll need to cancel the automatic RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION STATUS.

Make sure complete manual payments prior to your plan's renewal date, to avoid service interruption (SUSPENSION STATUS).

If you are trying to completely cancel your UNREAL Mobile account, please contact our customer support team. Visit

How to cancel your automatic payments

Log into and click on the line you would like to make changes to. Then, click on CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION

This will prevent your account from refilling/renewing automatically, now you must make payments manually.


Confirm The Changes

To confirm that the changes have been made, you can review your account dashboard. It will update to a CLOSED Recurring Subscription Status.

NOTE: You also have the option to re-subscribe to automatic payments by selecting SUBSCRIBE