Available Plans

This information applies to Premium SIMs

1, month 3 Month and 12 Month Plans

We don't believe in limits, that's why UNREAL Mobile lets you use as much data as you want! Our plans are offered on a monthly basis or in 3 month or 12 month recurring periods.

Select the amount of high-speed data you need, at the price you’re comfortable with. Browse the web, download applications, play games and more.

Your first 3GBs, 8GBs, or 12GBs of data are at high speeds (depending on the plan you select). After that, your data usage is throttled to 2G speeds, until your next billing cycle. 


When does my billing cycle renew?

Your data renews every month, but your billing cycle (when you can expect a charge) renews every 1, 2, or 12 months, depending on the plan you select.

Payments are deducted automatically from the credit card, debit card or PayPal account placed on file. Log in at unrealmobile.com/my-lines to see your "renewal date". This is the date you can expect a charge, and your billing cycle will renew. 


This information applies to our older, Standard SIMs

Unlimited Data

We don't believe in limits, that's why UNREAL Mobile lets you use as much data as you want! We offer unlimited calling, texting and data plans. Select the amount of high speed data you need and the term you prefer. Log into your account at my.unrealmobile.com and select the PLANS button. 


When does my billing cycle renew?

Log in at my.unrealmobile.com and take a look at the Billing section on the home page, to see the day your billing cycle starts over. 


Need more High-Speed data?

You can change your plan at any time by logging in to my.unrealmobile.com and clicking on the Plans tab. From there, select the plan you want to switch to and confirm your request. You will incur a prorated charge and receive a prorated amount of high-speed data.

You can also Top Up your account with more high-speed data. Log in at my.unrealmobile.com and click on the Billing tab. From there, click on Top Up Settings and select the amount of additional high-speed data you need.

You can add 500MBs of high-speed data to your account for $10, or add 1GB of high-speed data for $15. Click here for help topping up your account.


How to change your plan

To change the plan you are on, log in at my.unrealmobile.com and click on PLANS.

Next, select the plan you would like to switch to. Click the green, SELECT PLAN button.

Finally, click "CONFIRM" to process the switch. You will be charged a prorated amount and you'll receive a prorated amount of LTE data. When your billing cycle renews, you'll incur the full charge for your new plan, and receive the full allotment of LTE data.