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    Thank you for contacting UNREAL Mobile, Richard Emery!

    We are glad to hear that you are interested in switching to our Premium Voice service. :)

    Premium Voice is a service upgrade from our Standard Voice Over IP service. The Premium SIM card is completely native and does not require a mobile application to make or receive calls and text messages. These SIM cards work with phones that are GSM unlocked or most AT&T compatible phones. 

    If you already have a Premium SIM card, to start the upgrade process, you may check out the following support articles for more information on how to Activate/Set up your Premium Unreal Mobile SIM Card:

    - How do I activate my UNREAL Mobile Premium SIM card?

    - Setting up your Premium Unreal Mobile SIM Card

    If you don't have a Premium SIM card yet, you can order one SIM card, along with a new talk, text, and data plan, and then activate it at, after it arrives in the mail. 

    Should you need additional assistance, we've created a private message and we will continue assisting you through it, please be sure to check your email and respond to this message should you consider it necessary.

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