Unable to make calls but have service bars



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    Hello Johanna Davis!

    Thank you for contacting UNREAL Mobile. We apologize for our delayed response. 

    We’ll be glad to take a look at your current request. We've reviewed the account associated to your profile, we're able to see the account is active and in good standing.

    Have your configured APN settings correctly? Please check out this support link for more information.

    Be advised, Unreal Mobile is a VoIP service. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Essentially, it means data, or the internet is used for calling and texting instead of the cellular network. Therefore, instead of requiring hardwired phone lines, audio (meaning your voice when you are speaking to someone on your phone) is digitally converted into data and sent over the internet to your person receiving your call. The Unreal Mobile application is required for your service to work. The Unreal Mobile app is the connection between our service and your device, it makes service work, calls and texts are through the app.

    Upon reviewing your account we're able to see the Unreal Mobile application has not been downloaded. Please keep in mind the application is required for calling and texting. Therefore, to ensure service works properly, be sure to download the correct app:

    -The Unreal Mobile Messaging Application, for Android download here.

    -The Unreal Mobile Calling & Texting Application, for iOS download here.

    Check out this other support link for more information on how Unreal Mobile application works.

    Should you need additional assistance, we've created a private message and we will continue assisting you through it regarding this matter as we will need to gather and provide personal account information.

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